The main goal of the project is to help entrepreneurs and companies of Turkmenistan to promote their business via the Internet.

Business card sites of the company for business in Turkmenistan in an extended version.

Include additionally a Business blog in a subdomain


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Business card website is fast, cheap and tasteful!

If you want to attract new partners, expand your business, or simply increase the awareness of your company among consumers, then you definitely need your own website.

After all, it is the World Wide Web that has become the largest platform for communication and search for new customers today.

Our Web studio offers you services for creating a turnkey website, quickly, efficiently and not expensively.

We offer the creation of all types of websites and the implementation of individual orders, our employees have vast experience and have been working in this area for many years, from the moment the Internet began to firmly take root in our lives.

The best place to start is with a Business Card

Many ordinary users do not quite understand what a turnkey website is. To explain the meaning of the phrase, you just need to say that you do not need to look for copywriters, programmers or designers to carry out individual tasks to create a quality website.

All the necessary specialists work with us, and after ordering the site, you will receive a high-quality finished product that will already carry out your tasks.

Depending on the list of tasks that the site should perform, we can offer you the creation of a site - a business card, a corporate site, the creation of an online store, a bulletin board site, an administrative site, a warehouse site or a site with unique functions that are necessary for your company.

What exactly do you need? Of course, it is difficult to determine at once, but there is always an opportunity to improve and expand the functions of the site, so if you eventually want to make a full-fledged store from a business card site, then our company will always be happy to help you with this.

Why is the site necessary?

Very often we are faced with the fact that CEOs of companies who just want their own website contact us, not quite clearly understanding what functions it will perform. The desire depends on the fact that the competitors have a website, which means that you also need it. Of course, healthy competition takes place not only in the real world, but also in the virtual one. It is because of the lack of understanding of the scope of the tasks that the site can perform that many get just an address on the network with the usual design and information about the company.

In fact, this is only a small part of what a full-fledged, high-quality website can give you.

The main tasks of the site are, first of all, advertising functions and PR activities.

It's no secret that special PR managers are hired to increase brand awareness and company executives, so you can assign these functions to your website. To do this, it is enough to create a business card website and carry out its promotion on the network.

That will allow it to be brought to the TOP of the main search engines.

Why is promotion necessary, you ask?

Promotion is the main part in creating a website, just as important as a unique design, because it is thanks to high-quality promotion that millions of users recognize your website's presence on the network.

Our SEO optimizers are ready to perform not only the promotion of the resource in the TOP of search engines, but also the promotion of the site in social networks, which is very important for administrative sites, sites of legal offices, etc. It is social promotion across regions or across the country that will allow the site to reach more users, and therefore potential customers.

The next task of creating many sites is to sell services or products, as well as increase the awareness of products to attract consumers. To do this, you can choose to create an online store or a special blog that will tell a large number of users about new products using hidden advertising in their purchase.

There are many options and we will help you bring any of them to life. Do not forget that this is only a small fraction of what your resource can do, if you wish, you can always add tasks, and we will implement them.

Prices for website development in Ashgabat

What is needed for work

Domain Name - the address of the future site on the Internet (we will help you to select and register a Domain for your passport data). - 800 manats.

Send us electronic materials for 4-8 pages (logo, contact information, text about the company, a list of services or products, other texts, photos and pictures of good quality in a wide format, you can Price lists, Word documents, Presentations).

We create a Business website (for personal or corporate use) and register with Google's Webmaster Tools (from 1 to 8 static pages) - 3000 manats.

Total 3800 manats

If you need to make a Multilingual site, then

I can make an identical version in other languages ​​(English, Turkmen) - translations from you and an additional payment of 1500 manats for each language

If you need more than a business card site

We create a news blog for publishing articles and recommendations on the use of your products (goods, services, etc.) - in a subdomain - 1000 manats. (like

I will help # create a Business website in Google - only the first setting and a link to a Business card website (works great in conjunction with a business card website) - 1000 manats (you can publish here services and goods, news, promotions, promo materials, etc.) ). (like

We will set up the Organization Card in the Yandex Tools Directory with a link to the Main business card site (we recommend creating Business Pages on Social Networks, then informing us the links, we will register them in the Yandex Card), we will register links to the site pages, and then show how add short publications, and put links on articles from the Blog - 500 manat.

We will help you create lightweight, fast, selling Turbo sites for pumping your online business. Turbo sites in Yandex.Direct are suitable for solving various tasks - from creating a full-fledged online store with many products to your company's business card site on the Internet. If you trust us to do it - from 1 to 3 thousand manats. (example